Treatments & Products


Massages actively promote blood circulation, which benefits your skin, connective tissue and muscles. They release tension and inner blockages leaving you uplifted and re-energised. We will gladly advise you and offer our made-to-measure treatments specifically for you.

Our 100 % pure products create wellness with the help of nature's forces.

Further information is available in our Spa & Wellness brochure

BellaVita Massage - Force of the Mountains

Enjoy a strong and vitalizing full body massage that purifies your body and your mind. The tensions and blockades of the body are soothed with strongly applied massage techniques. 

  • 80 Min. / CHF 165.-

BellaVita Massage - Seehof Relaxation

Deep relaxation massage with gentle strokes that provide you with new energy. Warm body oils will be poured on your body in slow movements and gently and calmly massaged by expert hands. Enjoy different massage techniques in a cozy ambiance and leave your every day life behind. 

  • 80 Min. / CHF 165.-

BellaVita Massage - Seehof Classic

The classic and highly relaxing massage delights your senses with warm oil, relaxes your muscles with pleasant strokes and nourishes your skin. 

  • 20 Min. / CHF   55.- 
  • 50 Min. / CHF 125.- 
  • 80 Min. / CHF 165.-

Sports Massage

Are your muscles strained? Do you need more than just a massage? The sports lotion can be applied during an individual massage for the most strained body areas. Special massage techniques such as straining, pulling and pressure to loosen strained muscles. 

  • Duration: 20 minutes / 50 minutes / 80 minutes
  • Price: CHF 55.– / CHF 110.– / CHF 160.–

Foot Massage

Our feet are the reflection of our body, through which we connect with all our other organs. Reflex points are gently massaged with pressure and kneading techniques. This massage revitalizes heavily strained feed. 

  • 30 Min. / CHF 75.-

Intensive Back Massage

This Massage is exclusively for your back, neck, and shoulder area.

  • 30 Min. / CHF 75.- 

Athlete and Vital Body Package

The package with highly effective products stimulates blood circulation, soothes tension and muscles cramps.

  • 45 Min. / CHF 85.- 

Body Peelings

Natural salt peeling. Your skin like velvet and silk. 

  • 30 Min. / CHF 55.-


We recommend spa appointments early to reserve so we can consider your date and wish therapists. For early reservations your desired date will be considered. On the sport reservations are possible depending on availability.