culinary art

Restaurant Chesa

Newly interpreted classic dishes combined with surprising components

The culinary philosophy is portrayed in the creative combination of classic  products enhanced with exoctic components.

  • Tomahawk Steak of the Emmental Fassona Beef: Fleur de Sel, nut butter, Cafè de Paris, white truffled polenta and glazed winter vegetables
  • Boiled beef : braised vegetables | creamed spinach | boiled potatoes |chive-butter sauce | horseradish | mustard fruit
  • “The Seehof Burger”: beetroot bun |mini lettuce salad |pickled beetroot | bacon | raclette cheese| onion-honey BBQ sauce | homemade parmesan French fries


Table reservations

We gladly receive your reservation under the following telephone number: +41 81 417 94 44.







Opening hours:

Daily from 10:30 am until 11:00 pm (meals: daily from 11:30 am until 9:45 pm)



01.06.17 - 08.10.17