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Executive chef Martin Bieri

Martin Bieri creates the dishes of the Hotel Seehof. Since already three years he´s been leading the culinary journeys of the Chesa restaurant, the Panorama restaurant and Gourmet Stübli.

The combination of traditional, well conservative dishes with a twist of modern asian components distinguish the innovative cuisine of Martin Bieri. "The creations are harmonious yet ensure a surprise effect", as our gourmet chef says. The traditional game dish, for example, is served with regional berries and with an asian inspired peanut sauce. The french cuisine lays the foundation for his culinary creations. "They place great importance on the finest top quality products and freshness, which is essential for me". Yet every single guest should find a piece of home and childhood memory in Martin Bieri´s restaurants; "Often I serve a piece of plaited butter loaf with the dish".

Bieri's culinary career

Martin Bieri`s basis for his personal career path was laid during his apprentice years in Emmental and in his journeyman's travel years in various kitchens with french cuisine. With only 25 years of age he achieved the position of the Executive Chef for the first time and created his very own menu for the hotel opening of a 4- star hotel. He then intensified and deepened his culinary skills at the following top addresses of the swiss gourmet cuisine:

  • Hotel Palace Luzern
  • Hotel Eden Roc Ascona
  • Hotel Schweizerhof Bern
  • Kongresszentrum Davos

Since June 2013 he is responsible for the culinary delights at the Hotel Seehof.  Gourmet chef Martin Bieri works his magic hands in these three restaurants as he combines classic dishes with exotic components ensuring unique culinary experiences.

Bieri's Special Dishes

Gourmet Stübli

Unique dishes such as the asian inspired saddle of roe deer or tuna tartar are the culinary signature of gourmet chef Martin Bieri. The Gourmet Stübli team and Executive Chef Martin Bieri will take you on an unforgettable culinary adventure, embracing all of your senses with his exotically exquisite creations.

  • Tuna otoro Tatar : Daikon radish | Nostrano cucumber Asaduku | black sesame | Dashi Bieri
  • Miral pigeon roasted | Dim sum: red curry Thai Style | aubergine|nashi
  • Saddle of roe deer bumbu kacang gado gado : sweet & sour beet

Restaurant Chesa

The refined dishes at the Chesa restaurant are no doubt the magic work of Martin Bieri. His culinary philosophy is portrayed in his creative combinations of classic  products enhanced with exoctic components.

  • Tomahawk Steak of the Emmental Fassona Beef : Fleur de Sel, nut butter, Cafè de Paris, white truffled polenta and glazed winter vegetables
  • Boiled beef : braised vegetables | creamed spinach | boiled potatoes |chive-butter sauce | horseradish | mustard fruit
  • “The Seehof Burger” : beetroot bun |mini lettuce salad |pickled beetroot | bacon | raclette cheese| onion-honey BBQ sauce | homemade parmesan French fries

10 questions for Martin Bieri

1. What is your favourite dish?  

I really like the thai- cuisine. I like the spices, the freshness, the many citrus fruits and the sweet and sour flavours.

2. Which asian ingredient do you like to cook with the most?  

With the kefir-lime. I implement this fruit in almost every dish. Always in a in different way.

3. What inspires you?  

Visiting asian markets and street food carts where locals cook amazing dishes with only two or three ingredients. Thats where i find the authentic asian flavours.

4. Where do you get your ideas for new dishes?

I simply think of what I have already eaten and ask our supplier what regional products he currently has in stall for me. For example for our game menu I prepared the rabbit according to a traditional recipe and then refined it with nut pesto to add an alpine flair.

5. What is your favourite product of the Grison region?

My favourite product really depends on the season. Whether it is porcinis, chanterelles or Engadine Angus beef filet, there is plenty of choice. I also like regional components such as the juniper berry, blueberry, cranberry, mountain thyme and wood sorrel.

6. How do you implement a sense of home and childhood memories in your dishes?  

Often I serve a piece of plaited butter loaf with the dish. Just like my mother did every Sunday morning. Also, I always prepare the sausage-cheese salad the same way since my apprentice years in Emmental.

7. What led you from Emmental to Grisons?  

Since I came here seven years ago for a job interview I am simply amazed about Davos and the region. Today I feel completely at home here and see myself as a firm component of the gastronomy community of Davos.

8. When was the first time that you cooked in your life?

I was already working regularly in gastronomy at the tender age of 13 years. My uncle owns a restaurant and my mother worked as a waitress. With 25 it all really started as I achieved the position of an Executive Chef for the first time in my life. 

9. In your opinion: What is most essential in any kitchen?

The centre of a kitchen is, of course, always the stove. A modern equipped kitchen makes work much easier. But even a well equipped kitchen is only of great use if it's staffed with ambitious and highly motivated chefs. Therefore, I place great emphasis on an excellent team as this is most essential in any and every kitchen. 

10. What are your culinary goals for the future?

A distant goal of mine is to be able to offer an entirely asian gourmet-menu or even an additional restaurant which would be solely dedicated to the authentic Thai cuisine. 

News from Bieri's Gourmet Kitchen

HCD Dishes

Within the framework of the CO-sponsoring of the HCD and the Hotel Seehof Davos, Martin Bieri created dishes with HCD flair with the favourite products of the hockey players Beat Forster, Noah Schneeberger or Felicien Du Bois. As of the 1st of December 2016, hockey fans can indulge these culinary creations that are inspired by the tastes of the top-players, at the Restaurant Chesa for three entire months.


Martin Bieri`s first class gourmet kitchen was recently awarded with 1 Michelin Star and 15 Gault-Millau points.